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Welcome to

St Marks Bassendean

Church on the Rise

Mainly Music
Tuesdays at 9.30am


Family Communion
9:30 am

This Sunday
Jesus' Great Announcement


On Sundays and Other Days


Learning from the Word. Practising by the Spirit.
Alive@5 is an informal meeting for worship, teaching, and prayer.

God's Great Announcement
Lenten Sermons & Studies 2020

16 Feb 20    God’s Great Announcement
Gen 12.1-3;  Ps 110 ; Is 52.5-12; Rom 1.1-6; Lk 2.25-32
23 Feb 20 Jesus’ Great Announcement
2 Sam 7.11b-16; Ps 2; Acts 17.1-9; Lk 4.14-30
1 Mar 20 Isaiah’s Great Announcement
Is 52.13 – 53.12; Ps 32; 1 Pet 2.18-25; Jn 10.11-18
8 Mar 20 Jesus’ Strange Secret
Jer 8.8-9; Ps 22.1-8;  Acts 10.34-43;  Mark 8.27-9.1
15 Mar 20 Announcing Jesus’ Victory over the Great Enemy
Gen 3.1-20; Ps 96; Col 2.8-15; Jn 12.20-33
22 Mar 20 Proclaiming the Lord of All
Is 44.6-8; Ps 95; Acts 2.22-41; Matt 28.16-20
29 Mar 20 Announcing a Death for All
Lev 16.15-22; Ps 51; 2 Cor 5.11 – 6.2; Mk 10.35-45
5 Apr 20 Passion Sun The Power of God’s Great Announcement
Is 55.1-7; Ps 116;   1 Cor 1.18-25; Matt 26.17-30
10 Apr 20 Good Friday Announcing our Death
 Is 52.13 – 53.12; Ps 22;  Gal 2.15-21; Jn 18.1 – 19.42
12 Apr 20  Easter The Announcement that Saves
Ps 16; Hymn to the Risen Christ;  1 Cor 15.12-28; Matt 28.1-10

Lenten Studies Study Guide Can be downloaded here.



Welcome to St Mark’s website. We are a growing active Anglican church of all ages and walks of life, who share a desire to follow Jesus, understand the Bible, help others to know God, and build a loving community where new members and visitors are welcome. Families and children are welcome. A children’s ministry (Godly Play) happens as part of church during term time.

Anyone (from any church background - or none) is welcome to join us. We meet at St Mark’s church in Wilson St Bassendean (vehicle access from Parker St).

We have a variety of groups and ministries as well as our regular Sunday Meetings. I hope this web site gives you a simple introduction and encourages you to share in the life and ministries of St Mark’s.

Mainly Music

Tuesdays at 9.30am

Mainly Music provides a fun time of music and movement for pre-school children
and their parents or carers.
More information here

Coffee and Chat
Starts Friday March 6

First and Third Fridays
10am - 12noon
Drop in and have a chat


Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.

how to find us

St Mark's Church is at 2 Wilson St Bassendean.
Vehicle access from Parker St just behind the Bassendean Hotel.

Trains run to Bassendean Station from Perth and Midland. St Mark's is 300m from the station.

Buses run from Morley via Bassendean station and Ellenbrook  (995); Caversham (340); Beechboro (341, 342).


 Our mission and values

Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.

Our Mission

Discovering and demonstrating Jesus’ love in Bassendean and beyond.

What we believe?

We hold to the apostolic, catholic, reformed, evangelical Christian beliefs as expressed in the 39 Articles and found in the holy scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.


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